Ultimate Quora Guide for Travel Bloggers

How to use Quora to increase a traffic to your travel blog.

Travel bloggers who want to get their blog to another level often cope with the question – how to get more traffic and influence?

If you’re passionate about your travels and sharing your journey with people, it’s even acceptable if you don’t have any visitors, but after some time, you can get tired as no one is reading your articles.

It’s logical that after so much time and energy invested you want to reap the benefits.

To really influence people and get your content visible to the bigger audience you need to play it smart and one of the ways is doing a Quora marketing right!

What is Quora?

Quora is a Q&A platform where people can question, answer, edit and promote amazing content.

The platform started in 2009 and since then, there are around 190 million active monthly users on the platform.

Can you see a potential?

Basically, you can find so many interesting answers and connect with amazing people in many niches.

In this guide, I want to share with you the tips that worked for me and teach you how to use Quora effectively to bring more traffic to your travel blog!

I began to use Quora a few months back and since then, it’s the third traffic driver to my site.

Not only that people just visit my site and go away, they are genuinely interested in content and you can see the average session time is around 2 minutes.

That’s the power of being active on a very specific topic talking with people who’re looking for the answers.

Driving traffic from Quora
Here you can see the traffic stats from Quora. Pretty powerful if you ask me.

I didn’t want to make it a long guide, but it’s hard as there are many things you can do to really effectively leverage this platform.

In the following text, I’m giving you the tips from my experience and experiments that will definitely help you in driving a crazy amount of traffic to your site.

Let’s start!

#1 Create a Complete Profile That Stands Out

Almost 200 million active monthly users! Woow! Why not to leverage it?

This is the first step when starting with Quora.

Your profile should be completed, so people with the similar interests could find you and potentially connect with you.

Basically, this step is like when you’re working with any social media platform.


  • Make sure that you have a personal name on Quora (don’t use your blog/business name if you’re not known or have an authority already). I tried it with a blog name, but people just didn’t accept that well, which led me to only a few views per post.
  • Credentials -> make sure that you stick to one niche and try to explain yourself/your journey in one sentence.
  • Description -> tell a bit about yourself, so people could connect easier with you and see you as an authority in your niche. Also, if you have a blog or website where you’re sharing your journey, then add it there. Don’t write too much, but tell as much as possible in the smallest amount of words.
  • Profile picture -> try to put a professional picture of you (I’m using a headshot and found out it works better than a generic travel photo).
  • Be active in topics you’re very curious or knowledgeable about. Don’t go too wide but rather stick to a sub-niche and write amazing answers that will actually help people and give a value to the community. Once you become an authority on a topic, it’s easy to go into the width with similar topics as people will value your answers more (more upvotes).  

When you’re done with the profile creation and you completed all the things related to profile, you’re set up for giving the helpful answers.

Note: I’m not an authority, but I’m the most visited writer on some topics. I still have so much to learn, but these are the tips from my experiences and experiments with Quora.

Here’s the screenshot of my profile which may give you an idea for creating your profile:

A creation of Quora profile is one of the most important steps

Here you can check my profile, the way I write the answers and some statistics. Hope it can help you and remember – being successful on Quora requires a lot of analyzing, trying and applying different things!

#2 Find an Attractive Questions That Interest Many People 

How to use Quora on the right way?

When starting out, it may not be a bad idea to start answering any question you think your answer can help. After some time, you will establish an “authority” in some field and you can start from there.

After some time, your biggest goal should be driving a traffic to the site, while providing a value to the readers.

You can’t expect to drive a traffic without extraordinary answers.

Everything is connected. If you want to get traffic and views on Quora, your answer needs to be upvoted and viewed many times. If you want to achieve that, then you better write detailed answers backed up with other sources and pictures that may help people.

Finding the right question might be a tricky part, but after some experimentation, I think I’ve got a pretty good idea how to find the perfect one to answer.


  • First, be sure that the question is in your niche and you can provide people with the right answer. Also, check out the blog first to see if there is any blog post that you could potentially promote through the answer. Don’t just put any link, but the related link that could really help. Quora community can’t be tricked easily when it comes to resources, so don’t even try. It’s contradictory to try to build an authority while putting all kinds of links that don’t make much sense.
  • Do the analysis of the best performing answers to the question you’re planning to write a winning answer. Never forget to do it! Sometimes, a short answer will perform better than a detailed one, so it’s important to always check what people are looking for in a given question. You want to have the biggest ROI on each minute invested.

Finding the right question that may potentially bring a lot of traffic

For instance, if you want to promote a post about Indonesia, it’s logical to search for the questions about Indonesia, right?

Quora has a very good and accurate search engine, so finding a right question could be very easy with all the filters.

I will use the Indonesian post for an example here, so let’s start:

The post is about Indonesia in general, so it won’t be bad to start with Topic: Indonesia.

There may be other potential topics too. For instance, if you want to give a detailed answer about a specific region, then you should definitely check some other topics too.

From wide to very specific topics. It’s easier to get a lot of exposure being active on specific topics.

I found out that the more specific the topic, the more traffic you bring, especially if you provide people with the helpful answer.

First, check out the numbers. You can see that there is a huge potential in this topic as more than 35k people follow this topic. Also, around 18k questions are asked, so there is a huge chance you will find a right question where you could put the link to the blog post too.

Once you found an interesting question you’re able to give a detailed answer, it’s time to check the numbers!

The number of followers is very important as it indicated how many people will get notified once you answer. Also, the number of views is important!

The more the better, but don’t aim too high if you’re not an authority as it will be hard to get your answer to the top since the competition is too high.

This one has around 15k views, which is enough and if you’re on the top, you will reap all the benefits. I found out it’s not that hard to get to the top if you aim for the questions that have up to 50k views.

On this particular question, I’ve managed to get more than 50% of views and so many upvotes that put me on the top for that question.

It’s amazing as people will always search for that question and once they see you on the top/most viewed writer, then you’ll have a high possibility of bringing a traffic to your site.

Tip: Before writing the answer to this question, I analyzed the best answer and saw what the person did. I found out that people want to see a detailed answer with visuals and sources that could help them in the further research. Don’t hesitate to put many links that are helpful in answering the question!

#3 How to Write a Winning Answer

Always check which answers perform well on a given question. Sometimes, the shorter answer that is on the point will give you the most results. It definitely depends on the question and what are people looking for.

If you find out that the best performing answer is the long one with many visuals, links and details, then you should probably write a better answer.

You can check the best performing answer on the question.

I basically recreated the blog post I was trying to promote, add as many visuals as possible and put the link to the blog post that I wanted to promote at the end. 

That’s it!

Tip: Experiment with the link placement and anchor text. I found out that the catchy titles at the bottom of the answer perform the best and gives the highest CTR.

#4 Cross-Platform Promotion To Reach More People

Cross platform promotion is the right way to do a Quora marketing.
Promote your Quora answers like you’re doing with your blog posts. Cross-platform promotion is crucial to get exposure.

Quora is a social media platform with a huge potential for a long-term traffic to your blog. What do you do when you’re aiming to reach more people? 

Three words – social media promotion!

Don’t hesitate to promote your answer to another medium than Quora. If you’re trying to get your travel blog to another level, then it’s a no-brainer to have few social media profiles set up.

I’m using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn to push the newest blog posts.

However, I found out that promoting Quora answers go hand in hand with the success with Quora platform.

Do you remember the part when I mentioned that more views and upvotes give you a better chance to have the best answer to a given question?

Well, to get more views and possible more upvotes, you need to have a bigger reach. To get a bigger reach, you simply need to show your answers to a bigger audience and this is the part when sharing on other social media platforms work very nice.

When you write the winning answer, promote it through your social media channels like you promote your articles.

From my experience, this is the thing that can really help you, but not so many people do it!

Try it for yourself and see how it’s working for you! 🙂

#5 Quora Analytics

Quora has an inbuilt analytics system that can give you some insights. It’s not the most detailed one, but it’s enough to do an effective A/B testing.

You can get an insight of all your answers/questions and see the performance.

Also, the good thing is that you can see the analytics for each answer/question you’ve posted during the time. That’s a huge one.

I use analytics to analyze what kind of answers drive the most of traffic and try to write as much as possible of these kinds of answers.

One thing you will notice is that once you publish a winning Quora answer, it will give you a long-term traffic as it’s exposed to many people. Especially, if you’re a top writer on some topic!


Quora is an amazing platform for bringing a traffic to the site and also it can help you in building your personal brand and authority in the niche.

I wasn’t doing Quora so much, but I had amazing results as I paid so much attention to details.

Tip: Invest some time each day in answering the questions on Quora. It would be awesome if you could work on Quora each day as it will give you the best results long-term!

Here’s the overview:

  1. Create a compelling profile that will instantly show people what you’re about and show them that you know what you’re talking about.
  2. Look for the right answers with potential metrics (not too much of competition though).
  3. Once you find a potential question, analyze how others wrote their answers and try to be more creative and resourceful than the best answer there.
  4. Add visuals, links and anything that could bring additional value to the readers. Don’t get too broad and stick to the question. Do your best to give all the answers to the people who’re interested in the question.
  5. Try to recreate a blog post you’re trying to promote.
  6. Include the link somewhere higher in the answer where it will look as natural as possible. Also, try to put a natural anchor. Don’t put only the link to the blog post, but try to include other links too, so that way you’re bringing so much on the table.
  7. Promote the answer through other social media channels to reach more people as it gives you a chance to become a top-writer on a given topic. Getting to that point, you reap the most benefits!
  8. Analyze, analyze and analyze! Check out the Quora analytics and see what’s working for you. Always experiment with different formats and follow the numbers.

That’s it! Good luck!

If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to ask me anything! Cheers!

Please share your strategies with Quora answers! 🙂


A passionate traveler who loves to explore non-touristy places. Love to take pictures of nature, especially sunsets. Facing my fears on a daily basis.

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  1. That’s helpful stuff. I’ve been thinking about Quora for a while, and that’s convinced me to give it a go. I like the suggestion about seeing how much detail people are searching for in the answer by looking at the upvotes; that’s really clever.

  2. Thanks for a helpful article. There are just so many social platforms out there and it is difficult to find the right one. It looks like Quora is a good choice because you can really specialize in a niche and create some great questions and answers. I’m going to have to look into Quora seriously.

  3. I lurk on Quora but haven’t ever considered posting/contributing. You inspired me to launch a travel-related profile! This is a great article filled with excellent detail…thanks for sharing.

  4. I’ve never thought of using Quora to promote my travel blog. Might give it a try soon. Bookmarked and gonna come back soon for this guide. 🙂
    Do you mind if I ask what’s your top 2 traffic driver? As you said Quora is the third.

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