How to Make Money While Traveling the World

How to make money while traveling

While traveling the world become attractive especially to millennials after we stepped in the globalization era, it may raise a question of how to fund the trips. It’s not uncommon to see young people on social media traveling around the world full-time. You may ask yourself how these people can combine traveling with work and what is their source of income.

First of all, to clear something, the fact is that traveling isn’t expensive as it was a decade ago. There are many budget flights, cheap hostels and culturally rich places around the world. If you’re someone who doesn’t accept the idea of regular office work with two weeks vacation time, then this article might be an eye-opener for you.

This article is focused toward adventurous souls who’re looking for experiences around the world while earning enough money to fund their continual traveling adventures.

Find a comfortable place, as you’re going to read a blueprint on how to make money while traveling. Let’s start!

How I’ve Got into Freelancing World and Managed to Travel While Working?

Actually, this story is very interesting one and it starts at the beginning of 2016th. It was my first trip to Munich back in February and after that trip, I was just amazed by the idea of traveling. I started to research more on how to travel around the world if you’re a poor student.

Hollywood Walk of Fame Exploration.
Exploring the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

After some time of brainstorming, I’ve got to idea to participate in Work&Travel program to travel around the USA for few months. It was a scary idea at first as I was going there alone, but anyway, I just felt that I need to do it, so I applied.

I don’t want to make this post one of the longest posts you’ve ever read, so please check out the full story.

After life-changing American trip, I’ve got back to Croatia and I just wanted to get a stable job that will pay my bills and fund my next trip. I didn’t want to work on regular students’ jobs, but wanted something different. Luckily, my business partner started with freelance programming few weeks before and he showed me what he was working on and explained me the way to get a paid project online.

Damn, I was so pumped up! I started with the search immediately and landed an article writing project on the first day of searching. I was working like a crazy for two weeks and the client didn’t pay me a single penny. It wasn’t the most pleasant experience, but I decided that I just want to work and earn money online, so I started to search for another project.

After few days of searching, I landed another writing project. This time I learned the lesson hard way, so I insisted the client pay me upfront. Everything went fine and I become one of the writers in the team. However, this project wasn’t paid well, but I was happy as I started to work online while making some money.

When I started, I was an eager learner and I started to show a lot of initiative on the project and client noticed that. I was asked if I wanted to become a digital marketing manager after 2 weeks of working as a writer. I accepted that position and the rest is history.

Always show initiative and you’ll progress very fast!

After few months of working along with this client, I was managing more than 25 writers, editors, SEO workers and social media managers. It was just a crazy experience and at that time I helped more than 10 close friends to land their freelance project.

At that time, I was thinking what would be a better way than working with my close friends?

Chilling in Koh Lanta.
Scooter ride through a paradise island can never be boring!

Soon after my promotion, we started to work on many projects and I had more and more work with each day. This client was paying very well that time, so I was able to take a short trip with my friends to Bratislava and Prague.

The trip lasted for one week, but we had so many crazy nights and experiences during the visit. Also, it was my first time I was working abroad on the project. I realized that it isn’t that easy as I thought.

My genuine advice is never to go out partying hard and work on the project without any sleeping!

Soon after that experience, I tried to work on the projects from Budva, Montenegro. It was a trip where many people for college went to compete in different sports games and I decided that it would be great for me to go there.

Lesson learned: Don’t expect to do any productive work after hard partying for few days.

The next plan was to go to Thailand for one month and try to have a real digital nomad experience. I realized that Thailand was one of the best decisions in my life as I experienced how to be a real digital nomad and how hard or easy is that lifestyle.

If you’re interested to hear a detailed story, feel free to contact us anytime!

How to Make Money While Traveling as a Freelancer?

Alright, so the first and foremost, you should know the effective ways to monetize your skills and expertise online. What’s the easiest and most effective way to do it?

The shortest answer is by selling your services to clients around the world, often called freelancing.

Freelancer is a professional who is self-employed and selling their services to the online market. There are many individual and corporate clients on the market, so there is a plenty of projects for the right person. If you have knowledge or skill that could be performed online, then you’re on the right track to becoming a successful freelancer.

Freelance projects can earn you a lot of money.
Freelancers can work with many clients at the same time at flexible working hours.

There is no upper limit on how much work you can do; it totally depends on your time and energy available. It means you can work with a few clients on different projects at the same time. Yeah, that’s the beauty of the freelance world. One more thing, usually you will work for clients that won’t require you to work during certain hours, but will give you the freedom to choose your own working hours. Imagine the flexibility you have in your hands which will definitely enable you to work while traveling.

The only hard thing about freelancing is that you need a strong self-discipline and you will surely fail as a freelancer without it. Also, you should be prepared to not work in conventional offices and you should accept cafes as your regular offices. If you’re a person who can just put a headset on and completely focus on any task in a given environment, then you’re the person who can literally earn money anywhere in the world.

How to Land Your First Project?

So, now when you know about the term freelancer, it’s logical to ask how to land your first gig or client.

That may be the hardest part of being freelancer – how to start your freelance career. Well, you should create some professional exposure on big freelance sites like Upwork and Outsourcely.

If you’re just starting with online business, then we advise you to start with Upwork as you will be able to land one-time projects that will boost your ranking on the overall market. The crucial thing is to create a good-looking profile that is filled with information. If you have your personal projects that are relevant to the services you’re planning to provide to clients, then you should definitely include it in your portfolio.

Always include your personal projects in portfolio. These projects will show the potential clients your skills and expertise.

How to get your first profitable freelance project?
Just don’t give up if you don’t get the answer from the first 50 clients.

Once you created a full profile, solved some skill tests, add projects to the portfolio, you’re ready to start looking for clients. If you’re an English speaker, then you probably have good writing skills which can easily land you a writing project. For people without technical skills like programming or web-designing, the best way to get many clients and good monthly salary is by focusing on internet marketing or writing. These two goes along and you can combine both skills which will increase your market rate finally leading to better income that will easily fund your travels. Start sending proposals to different projects and remember to always apply on projects relevant to your skillset.

Just remember one thing: the process of finding your first client will be probably long, but keep trying and trying. Once you land your first client things become easier as there is a feedback platform where clients are rating your provided services. The more satisfied clients you have, the easier you get the new projects as you become more attractive to clients.

Starting a freelance career can be an exhausting and hard process and you must be aware that you probably won’t be able to travel the world in your first year of freelancing.

How to Freelance Full-Time and Travel Around the World in the Same Time?

Alright, so after an initial period of finding the right client base, you should count on a steady monthly income. After 6 months, you should be able to set yourself as a reputable freelancer in your field and start with self-marketing campaigns. These campaigns are necessary to freelancers who’re really chasing that career as it’s the way to attract more significant and serious clients. In one year, if you see a freelancing career seriously and with some luck, you’ll be able to earn enough money to support yourself on the travels. Maybe you won’t be able to travel each month to another place, but you will be able to set yourself for a few months.

Read about the advantages of being a digital nomad.

Traveling and living in Asia is extremely cheap if you know to budget.
Traveling through Asia is extremely cheap if you know to budget well. Also, you will have amazing experiences there too!

For example, if you’re interested in Asian culture, the attractive destination for freelancers is Thailand. The country is very cheap compared to the western world and you can live in Northern Thailand for around $600 per month. That kind of money isn’t hard to earn as a freelancer and that’s even possible after a few months of hard work.

You can travel South East Asia for the first year of your nomad career while you’re building a client base and working on other projects. The life there is relatively cheap, but the thing is that you have the choices there. There millions of things to do and experience, but that’s not all. The people and culture there are just amazing. You will naturally be attracted to their traditions and energy so it will boost your motivation through the roof to travel more and further.

Another interesting thing is that other digital nomads (freelancers who’re traveling the world) are choosing South East Asia as their base. There are many coworking spaces around Asia where you can meet and connect with other freelancers who’re traveling the world. That’s a great way to get new ideas and expand yourself on a personal and professional level.

How to Start Earning Serious Money Online

Partner with other professionals.
Form partnerships with other professionals and start working on your own projects.

Our advice for new freelancers is that you should always set some budget aside and invest in your personal projects. It may be anything. From simple affiliate marketing sites and travel blogs to creating complex applications.

No matter what you do, be sure that it’s your hobby. For instance, if you’re passionate about traveling, then you should probably start with travel blog where you will share your experience with other people who might be interested in travel. There are many ways to monetize travel blogs, so don’t worry. If you provide a high-quality content for the readers, you will most certainly earn some money there.

After some time, you will see the improvements in your personal project if you have the right and serious approach. By that time, you will be able to cut some clients from your freelance career to focus more on your projects. Work hard on your project until you can entirely dedicate your time to that project.

Once you can do that, you will most certainly earn enough money to support you on a full-time traveling around the world.


Freelance is a great way to make money online.
If you want to be a successful freelancer, then you need to have a lot of self-discipline. Also, you should lead a healthy lifestyle so your energy levels will be all-time high.

Start as a freelancer in fields where you have a certain knowledge or interest. If you don’t have any knowledge, we advise you to check some online courses that will definitely teach you skills required to land your first freelance client.

The easiest way to break into a freelancing world is by starting off as a small freelance writer (if your English is on point, of course). Don’t take us wrong, to be a successful freelance writer; you’ll need a lot of skills and clients which aren’t easy to attract.

After a few months, you’ll be able to start with inconsistent travels where you can build your freelance career further. We advise you to choose Asia for that period as the expenses are minimal there and the active digital nomad community will push you even further. After some time, you should definitely think about your passions and the things you love to do. That should be your side project, and you should slowly build it up with the part of the money from freelance income.

Slowly but steady, you will be able to turn your hobby into a lucrative and profitable business that will enable you to travel around the world full-time while working for yourself.


A passionate traveler who loves to explore non-touristy places. Love to take pictures of nature, especially sunsets. Facing my fears on a daily basis.

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12 Replies to “How to Make Money While Traveling the World

    1. Great to hear that you started with freelancing. How do you manage to travel around with writing projects? Are you only working on writing or you have some other projects going on? 🙂

  1. i am actually considering to do this. i’m in the middle of a health therapy and not planning to get back to 9-to-5 job anytime soon, bookmarked this post just in case and thanks for the tips! 🙂

    1. I wish you a fast recovery! If you need any help with the advices or tips, I’m always more than happy to help! Cheers and wish you luck on the projects! 🙂

  2. Great advice Antonio; with my full-time job looking a little unstable at the moment I am exploring the idea of freelance writing so I’ll be bookmarking this article and referring to often over the next couple of months!

  3. How unfortunate about your first article writing project and not getting paid when you obviously worked so hard. But every lesson is there so we would learn from it and you have made something amazing out of it! Out of interest, did you have any social media background before becoming a manager in the field?

    1. Yes, that’s true, but I just decided that I don’t want to quit as these dollars weren’t so important as freedom, so I continued and found a pretty good client! No, I was doing SEO and a little bit of other internet marketing channels on my two affiliate projects, so I’ve built some portfolio. From that point, it was easier for me to land a project I guess. After that collaboration, I started to move around different skills and clients in Internet marketing field, so right now I have a steady pool of clients that always look for some professional collaboration.

      My honest advice for everyone who is starting out with freelancing is to be open-minded and positive. Always be eager to learn new things or approaches, connect with people around the world and work on ideas. No matter if you fail, you will get experience and skills which you can capitalize later.

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