We're just two friends from college who started with digital nomad journey at the beginning of 2017. At first, if someone told us where this journey is going to take us, we won't believe it!

The experiences we had along the road simply changed our perspective on cultures, people and world around us. People often end-up in 9-5 system after college and work hard for someone's else dream.

What about your dreams? 

We deeply believe that anyone could start traveling, learning about the world and have crazy experiences.

There are many ways to get outside your comfort zone and just explore the world!

We remembered how hard was to start with our first adventures as we were surrounded by people who're chasing a regular lifestyle.

It's always easier to have a friend who already experienced a foreign country and can share everything with you.

Sometimes, it's a real struggle to find anyone with a specific experience you're looking for.

Our goal is to talk with as many travelers as possible who manage to travel for longer periods. We're not strictly talking about digital nomad lifestyle, but also, you can find study abroad, volunteering and work abroad opportunities.

Why are we doing that?

The main reason is that we strongly believe that the world needs more open-minded people with life experience traveling gives you.

Read the stories and interviews from people who're already traveling around the world while earning money on the road!

It's easier than you think!