Coworking Space Review – A Hidden Gem Called KoHub

Kohub office

Have you ever thought about idea of traveling around the world while working and earning money on the road? We’re living in a globalization era where the information is highly accessible to anyone with the access to internet. The good news is that the internet became a standard in a modern world, so you’ll most likely have a stable internet connection wherever you go.

To many people, the idea of traveling around the world while working at the same time sounds impossible, but believe me; it’s not that hard to achieve that. The term is called digital nomad lifestyle and more people are chasing that lifestyle recently.

If you ever plan to visit Thailand as a digital nomad, then you probably heard stories from people who’ve already been there.

“Thailand is a paradise for digital nomads because it’s dirt cheap compared to western world countries and community there is huge!”

Also, Thailand is a very friendly country toward digital nomads as there are many coworking spaces around the country. In this article, I will give you an honest and comprehensive review of coworking space called KoHub.

What is KoHub and Where It’s Located?

KoHub is a coworking space that is specifically designed for digital nomads and other professionals who’d love to try to work on their projects from tropical offices. It’s located on Koh Lanta, Krabi Province. Koh Lanta is an island that is surrounded by the Andaman Sea in a deep south of Thailand.

How to Get to Koh Lanta?

There are a few ways to reach the island, but I would talk about the way I’ve got to the island in details. You can land in Phuket or Krabi Town to reach the island.

I landed in Phuket and reached the island from there. When you land at Phuket airport, I recommend you not to take a shuttle or taxi as it will cost you much more than taking a regular bus. The catch is that no one will actually help you in finding a local bus as everyone in front of airport seems to be a taxi driver or person who’s working for a commission.

Phuket adventures

To reach the local bus station, you should walk from international flights to domestic flights and in front of domestic flights terminal, you will see a city bus station. There will be a driving schedule and the bus to Phuket City costs only 100BHT.

The ride will last for almost 2 hours until you reach Phuket City. I advise you to book a hotel in Phuket City if you don’t plan to stay more than two days there. There are many cheap hotels in the city, so it won’t be a problem to find something suitable for a day or two.

The only way to reach Koh Lanta from Phuket is by the boat that goes from Rassada Pier. I was located in a Rome Place Hotel and got a boat ticket from a near travel agency for 700BHT with the shuttle from the hotel to pier included.

The price is a fair one if you’re not paying more than 1,000BHT.

The whole trip will last around 4 hours and if you’re visiting Thailand in low season, you should be aware that there is only one ferry per day that is leaving around 8 AM. You can expect to arrive to Koh Lanta around 1PM as you’ll switch boats in Phi Phi Island. A great thing is that you will have around 1 hour between boat switch, so you can explore Phi Phi for a while.

There is also an alternative way to reach stunning Koh Lanta. I advise you to check online apps for transportation in the SEA. There are many convenient and cheap ways to travel around SEA, so why not to try one! 🙂

You can check a video on Croatian to see how Phi Phi looks like:

Once you get on the boat from Phi Phi, you’ll be heading directly to Saladan Pier, Koh Lanta. When you arrive there, they will ask you for a funny cleaning fee of 10BHT.

Saladan Pier
Arriving to Saladan Pier, Koh Lanta.

Congratulations, you just arrived in Koh Lanta!

Accommodation Options

Regarding accommodation, I spent one month in KoHub hotel which was arranged by KoHub staff. The best way to reach the hotel is by getting a taxi from Saladan pier and tell the driver to leave you at the Long Beach where coworking space is located. The taxi drive will cost you around 150BHT. When you reach the coworking space, you will be awaited by the friendly and warm staff who will give you all the information and things required to get into the hotel room.

If you have any questions regarding anything about coworking space or island in general, they will gladly help you as they are local people who know English pretty well.

Kohub hotel roof.
A view from Kohub hotel roof.

Coworking space is located 10 minutes by walk from the hotel which isn’t a problem even if you’re walking to the offices. The hotel has standard rooms with options of single and double bed room that are equipped with A/C and balconies. Also, the most amazing feature this hotel has to offer is the access to the roof where you have seats and table with stunning view. It’s a great place where people from KoHub can hang and meet each other with a bottle of Singha.

Inside KoHub

Smoking place in front of lobby.

KoHub is a the only coworking space currently on Koh Lanta. The space looks really amazing with the vast smoking area that has an outside bar where you can order smoothies, coffee and cocktails. Also, there is a kitchen with a warm and smiling staff who’re always willing to help you. The smoking area has many benches where you can sit, eat or work outside.

If you pass through the smoking area, you will face a lobby room. Please remember that you should remove your shoes before entering the KoHub. There will be two beautiful ladies who’re working on the front desk. If you have any question regarding anything, these ladies will be more than happy to help you with anything.

The interesting thing you will notice when you first arrive there is an artistic chalkboard with activities for members. It’s amazing how they’re taking care of their members and looking to build a connected community between them. There are activities each day where you can play different games, have a dinner or drink and volunteer along other KoHub members. Radiwan is a woman who’s responsible for these activities, so if you have any question regarding these, feel free to ask her.

The full-set A/C room is located on your right when you enter the lobby. There are few desks with huge monitors and two conference rooms where you can focus on your work. In front of the lobby, there is the most interesting part of KoHub – a deck.

Deck of Kohub.
Buddha statue in front of deck.

There are many free tables where you can set your working space on the deck, but the only problem is the heat. There are many ventilators there, so if you’re not dependent on A/C this place will be your favorite one. It has a relaxing ambient with the garden around and Buddha statue in front of deck, so when you’re overwhelmed with the work, just look around and wander. An interesting thing is that the beach is located only two minutes from the coworking space which is perfect for taking a short break from work.

They have a community kitchen where members can drink free coffee and water but also can buy soft drinks and beers for a low price. Remember always to drink a lot of fluids as Thailand has a very humid climate, so your body will naturally need more liquid intake.

There is also a play room where a member can play different board games, guitar and even a ping-pong. The staff did a great job, so the members are constantly surrounded by the environment that is set for enhanced productivity and focus.

Depending on your membership, if you take a full membership, then you’ll be able to order two meals from their online system. You simply log in into your KoHub account, choose the dish and order it to the place where you’re currently working.

Meal at the kohub.
Stuffed omelette prepared by kitchen staff.

The kitchen staff will soon deliver your food to your table. Such a great thing as you won’t spend any time looking for a food. Also, I need to mention there is so many different dishes and even if you try different dish each day, you won’t be able to try them all in a month period. The food is very adjustable regarding spices and portions of healthy food are huge!

The internet there is super fast and stable which will be ideal for any work, especially if you’re uploading a lot of materials. They have a backup generator that is responsible for supplying coworking space with electricity if it’s cut. During the electricity cuts, there wasn’t internet connection, but these cuts lasted for 20 minutes maximum.

Also, I can’t finish the part where I’m describing a coworking space without including the funniest members there – the cats. KoHub had three interesting cats that will make you a good company during your work, especially Panda.

If you’re interested in checking this hidden gem regarding coworking spaces, I advise you to check their official site to see the prices and membership options. Their booking staff is very responsive and helpful so that they will give you a clear answer to all of your queries.

Final Verdict

Kohub members
You will meet some amazing people along the way.

Koh Lanta is a very chilling island with not so many things to do especially if you come in low season. KoHub is an interesting community of people who’re mainly digital nomads working on their projects.

You can meet such amazing people there and listen to their stories all day long. Also, you will get many ideas and lasting relationships after the trip. The coworking place itself is a really productive environment that is opened 24/7. You have everything you need in the office for maximum productivity and focus.

The prices for full packages are very affordable, even for people who just recently started with digital nomad lifestyle and freelance career.

My trip to Koh Lanta has lasted for one month and I can’t say any bad word about the coworking space or staff there.

Many thanks goes to the staff that helped me a lot during the trip.

I want to thank people who provide us with a great time and motorbikes there too!


A passionate traveler who loves to explore non-touristy places. Love to take pictures of nature, especially sunsets. Facing my fears on a daily basis.

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20 Replies to “Coworking Space Review – A Hidden Gem Called KoHub

    1. Definitely! They opened a new co-working space which is much bigger and have so many interesting things going on there. Must say all the best about the team who is working really hard to make the community there. We were there in low season and there were around 10 members in KoHub (very low number), and the interesting thing is that all the members were so connected like a family.

      I must say that KoHub team is working an outstanding job there!

      Oh great to hear! What places have you visited?

    1. Yeah, definitely. If you’re into remote working, then you should probably check out this coworking space. Cheers and happy travels! 🙂

  1. It seems like co-working spaces are cropping up all over the world these days. Not too sure how I feel about the cats running around, but could be fun if you are missing your pets while on the road. 🙂 Happy Travels.

    1. I agree with you. So many coworking spaces are opening with each day which is a great thing for making connections and relationships.

      If you ever come to Lanta, my friendly advice is to check KoHub and you will be more than happy with the cats! Although, Panda (the cat) can be pretty furious from time to time haha!

      Thank you, wish you the same! 🙂

    1. Definitely a place for a relaxed, but focused work. Everyone there is working hard on their projects and it’s hard to not follow their routine, focus and continuity. It was such a blessing experience in a personal and professional way.

    1. Yes, I agree with you! Having a big portion of healthy food delivered to your desk is precious. You don’t need to take a time off for finding and arranging some food.

  2. KoHub sounds like a great idea, although I’ve backpacked and worked my way around the world since 2010 I’ve never really considered myself as a digital nomad, mainly because I’ve just done regular jobs in regular offices, I only started my blog earlier this year. However in saying that being location independent and being a digital nomad is my next step, and if more places like KoHub start appearing it will just make it more accessible.

    1. Amit, that sounds like an interesting journey. I would really want to know more about your journey as at some point, I would definitely try some backpacking. I’ve met one man in KoHub who was doing a backpacking through Asia and he was working on his master’s degree thesis in KoHub.

      I will follow your blog and journey mate. Cheers! 🙂

  3. I know Ko Lanta – actually my second favorite island in that port of Thailand. But I’m getting far too relaxed in that place to work. And what I absolutely have to do, I can do quickly on my laptop. Anyway, I guess for a longer stay it’s interesting working at that place since the company of other people is inspiring and motivating – most of the time.

    1. Absolutely agree with you. Once we set our foot on the island, it was hard to stay focused, but people who’re working with you make it much easier. There are some hustlers in KoHub so they will push you and motivate you to do a percent more! 🙂

  4. Ko Hub sounds like a unique concept. The place looks really cool and exotic. An ideal place to catch up on your work in sublime surroundings. The internet which forms the backbone of most work needs to be good. You have mentioned that the internet is very good here which is so great.

    1. Yes, internet is amazing there. Also, they moved to another place which is more spacious, so if you’re interested, I would recommend you checking their official site for more information.

      Cheers! 🙂

  5. These coworking spaces are so cool! I’ve never needed one but find them so convenient for those traveling! I have a house in Panama that is my “coworking” space, where I go to concentrate and get some writing done. The hotel sounds nice enough, too. A whole month, wow!!

    1. Yeah, more of these are popping up every day which is only a proof that digital nomading lifestyle is trending now. You should definitely try to work once from a coworking space. The reason is not a fast internet or a furnished facility prepared for work, but people who’re working there. You will meet amazing people and get interesting ideas. Also, you can expect to work with some of these professionals in the future.

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