Who are we?

We are Ian and Antonio, travel buddies who started with digital nomad lifestyle. We originally come from Croatia and didn’t want to accept regular nine-five as there are so many things to see in the world and many adventures to take part in. At the beginning of 2017, everything has started!


How did our journey start?

When we think in retrospection, we started with digital nomad lifestyle when we take the first trip together, but we didn’t aware we’re actually doing that. Our first trip was a road-trip through a few European countries with the stops in Bratislava and Prague. In that time, we were working as freelancers for different clients so we needed to take our laptops with us to work from the trip.

The whole trip lasted only for 7 days and we did absolutely nothing effective!

It was the moment we realized it’s hard to work and travel at the same time. We needed a better preparation and organization to make it happen.

After that journey, we just sit down together, talk about the next destination, book the tickets and pretty soon we find ourselves in the planned destination.

Easy as that!

How do we support our travels?

We’re chasing a digital nomad lifestyle which means we’re working remotely as freelancers for various clients around the world. When you’re working as a freelancer, you are not obligated to be at the office at the certain time.

You can choose your working hours and your place of work!

That means you can literally travel around the world, see the things you always wanted to see, learn about new cultures and traditions. All that while you work.

Although the regular office job is very secure, the freelance projects are very big uncertainty. You can work for the client today and be able to support yourself, but tomorrow you may lose the client.

Digital nomad office
That was our office during Thailand. Not your regular imagination of office, right?

How much money can you make per month?

I would say it depends on the client/clients. Some clients pay peanuts, while other pay a good sum of money.

It’s hard to be millionaire only with freelancing, but you can easily make enough to support yourself and travel around the world while you work.

We just started with freelancing last year and are able to travel around the Europe/Asia and work from there.

Are you working hard as a freelancer?

Yeah. It depends on the motivation and your goals, but right now I’m (Antonio) having goals to make digital nomad lifestyle sustainable option, so I can be able to travel for longer periods of time (6 – 12 months).

I’ve already been to Thailand and worked there as a digital nomad, so I realized how great it is and how happy I felt during that period.

I want it again!

What stops you for chasing a digital nomad career?

Alright, if you want to start traveling and be completely free regarding your money and obligations to the work, what stops you?

Uncertainty? We’re here to help you with anything you find confusing. Also, we would like to have another drinking buddy on our trips!

Money? It’s easy to find a job as a freelancer once you have the skills, relationships and profile. We will help you with that!

College? Depending on your field. I dropped out the college on my last year as I realized the college isn’t going to learn me anything that I’ll need. I can learn myself whatever I want while not spending my time and energy learning boring and unpractical stuff in college.

If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you will find an excuse. – Jim Rohn

If you really want something so bad, there is no reason not to contact us and keep in touch!

What is the mission BalkanDigitalNomads?

 We’re aware that the term “digital nomad” and “freelancing” isn’t so common in Balkan countries. Our mission is to make it common and to make people familiar with the terms.

We want more people to join us on our trips and make a community of digital nomads from Balkan countries.

Get in touch with us for more information and assistance.